The Bridging Programme and Opportunity Oxford

These programmes, which help bridge the gap between school and university, are by invitation to offer holders.

The Bridging Programme

“I had the best week and feel reassured about uni. I can’t wait to get started properly in a couple of weeks.”

– Bridging Course Student, September 2021

The Bridging programme is run by the Faculty to support students in the transition from school or college to higher education, and to ensurethe best possible start to an Oxford career.

The Bridging programme is an initiative that we have been running since 2018, designed to promote the success of students of great potential who come from schools, colleges, or neighbourhoods which do not traditionally send many candidates to Oxford.

This programme underlines our long-standing commitment to ensuring that the very best students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to study successfully with us.

The Bridging programme has both online and residential components that develop core academic skills and explore strategies for effective independent learning at university. There are also opportunities to get to know new students from lots of different subjects and colleges, to become familiar with Oxford, and begin to settle into student life.

Student ambassadors - current Classics students - help host the programme and ensure everyone feels welcomed.

“The course was lovely, especially the older students - they were a great help!”

– Bridging Course Student, September 2021

The programme is both enjoyable and rewarding and gives students a great start to their university career.

The Faculty usually hosts around 12 'Bridgers' per year.

Bridging Course 2021

Some of the Bridging Course and Opportunity Oxford Students, September 2021, Wadham College

Opportunity Oxford

Opportunity Oxford is a similar programme programme run centrally by the University that helps prepare talented UK offer-holders from under-represented backgrounds for successful student careers at our university.  The programme is available in a huge range of courses, with the Faculty supporting around 12 offer holders per year on the Classics and Classical Archaeology and Ancient History programmes.

For more information, please visit Opportunity Oxford.

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Hertford Bridge, also known as the Bridge of Sighs, joins two parts of Hertford College over New College Lane.