Why Oxford?



Totally doable


Hear from Jenny, a current student, about learning languages from scratch, the college system and extra-curricular activities.


Professor Llewelyn Morgan on why you might choose Oxford and the benefits of a Classics degree.

Great opportunities for state school students


"Choosing to apply to study Classics at Oxford was intimidating. My school did not offer Classics-related subjects, such as Classical Civilisation. However, the Classics Faculty at Oxford, and the university in general, offer great opportunities for state school students to learn about the subject, while gaining advice about applications, and general insights into life at Oxford. Summer schools such as UNIQ, and Ashmolean Museum open days are two examples of the many opportunities you can take up if you are interested in applying to Oxford. I participated in Classics Faculty open days, and study days at the museums, and the UNIQ summer school. These opportunities meant that I became more comfortable with what to expect when coming to interviews, and what life at Oxford would be like."

Anna, second year


Events and Resources


Resources, events and publications that students at Oxford can access

through the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama (APGRD)

The Ashmolean Museum

How handling objects and artefacts at The Ashmolean can transform your study of the ancient world.


Choosing your course

There are six courses at Oxford and they all have options for both those with Latin and/or Greek at A-level (or equivalent) and those who are learning ancient languages from scratch. Within each course there are many papers to choose from to personalise your degree.