Exploring Classics

Exploring Classics is a film series created by students here at Oxford.

The aim is to highlight the breadth of Classics and all of the joint honours courses, modules, lecture series, resources and materials available in Oxford.



In this first episode of Exploring Classics at Oxford, philosophy tutor Simon Shogry and Classics student Alec Watson discuss what philosophy is and why it is so interesting to study.

Classical Reception


Classics and English student Lottie Page and doctoral candidate, tutor and APGRD archivist-administrator Claire Barnes introduce the field of classical reception and explain how reception exemplifies that classics is still relevant today.

Behind the scenes: the media team at work

brasenose filming

Future films are planned on the following topics:

  • Ancient History (beyond Greece and Rome)
  • Ancient Languages (beyond Latin and Greek)
  • Art 
  • Byzantium/late antiquity
  • Coinage
  • Critical Approaches to Classics
  • Papyrology
  • Philology
brasenose filming