Oxford University Open Days - Summer and Autumn

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Please see below for information about what will be happening at the Faculty of Classics during University Open Days.

At the Faculty of Classics, we are trialling a no-booking, first-come first-served system for this year.

Here is our code of conduct that we ask all staff and visitors to abide by.

We look forward meeting many of you soon.

September 15th:

poster with times for faculty events

Programme (all days)

10 am - 11am Classics Admissions Talk
This talk was also given at the Classics Open Day in March, therefore it is not recommended for those who attended that event.
11am - 11:30 Taster Lecture 1
11:30 - 12:00 Taster Lecture 2
12:00-14:30 Information Desk
Get directions to Classics events in colleges.
14:30 - 15:30 Meet the students / tutors
Come to the Faculty and ask all your questions!

Taster Lecture Titles

Wednesday 28 June
11am Martina Astrid Rodda  'Getting around in Hephaestus’ workshop. Greek epic, disability, and what we can do with them.'
11:30 Andrew Shapland 'From myth to archaeology at Troy, Mycenae and Knossos.'
Thursday 29 June
11am Christopher Metcalf 'From Sappho to Vergil, Andromache to Dido.'
11:30 Olivia Elder 'Mind your tongue: language and/as power in late republican Rome.'
Friday 15 September
11am Milena Melfi  'Cure and cult in ancient Greece: the miracles(?) of Asklepios.'
11:30 Armand D'Angour  ‘Catullus and Lesbia.’


Classics Events in Colleges

For the most up to date information on events in colleges and departments other than the Faculty of Classics, please visit the Oxford University Open Days pages here.

For those particularly interested in classics, we have compiled this list of events that colleges are planning to offer. The list may not be exhaustive, but we hope it will help you plan your day.